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Scotland’s Chief Statistician this month published the results of the Scottish Health Survey 2010. This is the sixth report in the Scottish Health Survey series which began in 1995. You can view the key findings or read the full report.


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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Planning our electric future: a White Paper for secure, affordable and low-carbon electricity [PDF file]

“This White Paper sets out the Government’s commitment to transform the UK’s electricity system to ensure that our future electricity supply is secure, low-carbon and affordable.”

Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals [PDF file]

An Evaluation of Football Banning Orders in Scotland and An Evaluation of Football Banning Orders in Scotland – Research Findings

Evaluation of the use of football banning order legislation in Scotland.

Recommendations from the Joint Action Group set up following the Football Summit on March 8, 2011

Scottish Government Consultations


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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Review of the Climate Challenge Fund – Research Findings

“The Review of the Climate Challenge Fund has investigated in depth the impacts of 21 community projects across Scotland looking to reduce carbon emissions and explored how they have been successful. This short summary gives key findings drawn from the main report.”

Preparations for the roll-out of smart meters [PDF file]

Reports on progress made towards the installation of “smart” electricity and gas meters, which should be installed in all homes in Great Britain by 2019.

“Smart meters, together with real time in-home displays, can provide consumers with detailed information on their energy use and access to a wide range of off-peak tariffs. Smart meters also allow suppliers to collect meter readings electronically, provide more accurate bills and cut costs.” (more…)

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Here are some potentially useful government publications from December (and a few more from November too):


Higher Education

Building a Smarter Future: Towards a Sustainable Scottish Solution for the Future of Higher Education

This Green Paper aims to encourage responses that will inform the Government’s HE strategy.  A summary version is also available.


Sports Studies

Evaluation of the Cashback for Communities ‘Schools of Football’ programme

An evaluation of the Schools of Football programme, which “offers a school-based diversionary activity to young people between the ages of 12-14 years”.

A Games Legacy for Scotland — Annual Update 2010

A progess report on the legacy planning for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.


Biological Sciences/Earth Sciences/Environmental Sciences

 Statistical Publication: Agriculture Series: Final Results from 2010 June Agricultural Census

Gives statistics such as number of people employed in agriculture, area used for production of crops, number of animals raised, etc.  Includes 10 year trends for many statistics.


Health Sciences

Healthy Lives, Healthy People

Department of Health document about the new public health strategy for England.

Food and Drink in Scotland: Key Facts 2010

Includes fruit and vegetable consumption, obesity levels, distance to supermarket, etc.

Biological Sciences/Chemistry/Health Sciences/Physics

Introducing New Technologies into the NHS Scotland – A Practical Guide for Industry 

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mathcentre produce support materials to help students and lecturers with maths.  These include fact sheets on topics such as probabilitymechanics and general maths facts and formulae; practice and revision booklets and videos where you can watch a tutor working through key concepts in maths. 

The material is aimed at both people who are studying or teaching maths, and those who are using maths as part of another discipline – if you are studying a non-maths subject you can browse through the resources suitable for your subject.

If you would to obtain multiple copies of these leaflets, e.g., for giving out to a class of students, you should contact info@mathstore.ac.uk

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The Scottish Household Survey for 2009 has just been published by National Statistics.  This includes a survey of sports participation in Scotland.  

The sports participation statistics start on page 149 of the report, and show that the most popular sport is “walking for recreational purposes”, with 54% of the Scottish population undertaking this in the four weeks prior to the survey.  The next most popular sports were swimming (18%) and keep fit/aerobics (12%).

The Scottish Household Survey also gives information about sports participation broken down by age, gender, and level of deprivation.  Read more about the Scottish Household Survey on the UWS Government Publications Blog.

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The Westminster and Holyrood Governments have recently published a number of reports that may contain useful information for scientists. These include: 

Sport Studies 

Cycling Action Plan for Scotland 

This Scottish Government plan “aims to provide a framework to help create an environment which is attractive, accessible and safe for cycling.” 

Biological Sciences/Environmental Science 

The Honey Bee Health Strategy 

Scottish Government plan about achieving a sustainable and healthy population of honey bees for pollination and honey production in Scotland. 

Tackling diffuse water pollution in England [link goes to PDF file] 

Environment Agency report on tackling diffuse pollution in England’s water bodies.  Diffuse pollution is caused by contaminants from “dispersed sources, such as agricultural land and road run-off”. 


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