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Demo version of the new Map of Life resource which brings together information about species distribution using a Google Maps-based website.

Specifically you are able to:

  1. Display expert range maps, point occurrence records, records from study areas such as reserves and larger regions. These are shown as layers on maps, and a layer control widget allows you to adjust ordering, visibility, etc .
  2. Retrieve a list of species for the vicinity of any location worldwide using the species list tool. Simply set search radius and group of interest, and right click (control-click on Macs) your mouse button on a point of the map.

This Beta version is the first stage in the Map of Life project. For more information see the project team’s article in Trends in Ecology and Evolution


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Encyclopedia of Life

LeopardThe Encyclopedia of Life aims to create a web page for every known species.  So far they have gathered information about 40% of the 1.9 million named species, creating pages which cover species description, distribution, molecular biology, conservation status, etc.   If they continue to add data at the current rate, they will have information on every known species of plant and animal by 2017.

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FishBase is a large database of information about fish.  It includes descriptions of 31,600 fish species, 279,100 common names in hundreds of languages, and 49,300 pictures.  The database also includes a glossary of fish-related terminology.  All content in FishBase is based on previously published material and cannot be edited by the general public, so it is a reliable source of scientific information.  A self-guided course on ichthyology is also available from FishBase.

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