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Interesting article about how scientific research is reported in the popular press. Ever get frustrated by claims made in newspaper articles, which are apparently based on “scientific research”? How many times have scientists found a link between eating some fruit or vegetable with preventing some horrible illness? This New York Times article takes up this issue, pointing out that most newspaper articles discussing “scientific research” are actually reporting on research based on correlations rather than causal connections. But do these claims made in the popular press affect peoples’ views about science? And how could “scientific research” be better reported by the press?


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Interesting blog post from Dorothy Bishop, Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology at Oxford about how scientific research is communicated in the age of the Internet. Can scientists use tools such as YouTube to share their research?  Or is the evidence base behind the scientific research somehow lost in a short 5 minute film?

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This is the review that was set up in December 2009 by the University of East Anglia into the now notorious climate data incident. For many, what was at stake was the objectivity of scientists’ data collection methods and the possible damage to the public’s perceptions of scientific integrity. It also raises the thorny issue of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in relation to scientific research.

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