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Ever wondered what it would be like to play football using the 1858 rules of the game? Charging other players and catching the ball allowed; players must provide their own flannel caps to identify which side they’re playing on and referees wear tophats!

The Sheffield: Home of Football project organised an event on 26th June this year which saw teams from local Sheffield schools replace their modern kits and rules for those of 1858. It is thought that this is the first time since the Football Association came into being in 1863 that the original 1858 rules have been used. Using the traditional heavy leather ball, the event demonstrated how much the game has changed over time.

The project has involved a number of schools, working with many hard to reach pupils and communities, investigating the history of football in the Sheffield area. By using local resources such as archives, libraries and football clubs, pupils have created a historical record of the game.

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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Scottish Health Survey 2010 – Volume 1: Main report

Health and Wellbeing in Schools Project – Final Report

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2011

Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2009

Developing High Nature Value Farming and Forestry Indicators for the Scotland Rural Development Programme

Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2010

Sea Trout Fishery Statistics – 2010 Season

Salmon Fishery Statistics – 2010 Season

Putting Learners at the Centre – Delivering our Ambitions for Post-16 Education

Scottish Government Consultations

Consultation regarding African Horse Sickness (Scotland) Order 2012

You can find lots more useful government publications on the UWS Government Publications blog.

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