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This BBC news article discusses the radioactive contamination found in Bluefin tuna fish,which is attributed to the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. Scientists have carried out research on fish found in the waters off San Diego, and say the evidence reminds us of how eco-regions are interconnected, despite being thousands of miles apart.


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Interesting research into monitoring water pollution using robotic fish, from the BBC website.

“The cost of water pollution in the UK runs into millions of pounds each year, and it can cause untold damage to the environment.

But now scientists have come up with an unusual solution to the problem and it comes in the shape of a robotic fish.

Dr Luke Speller from the Shoal Consortium explains how it works.”

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The OECD Better Life Index includes useful information about the environmental performance of OECD members.  It also gives links to the detailed OECD Environmental Performance Reviews (in the “more resources” section for each country).  Some of these performance reviews are a few years old, but they contain useful information about transport policies relating to air quality; water pollution and water pricing; biodiversity management and the relationship between the environment and public health.

OECD member countries include Australia, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Israel, and the UK.

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