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The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth is a NASA website that you can search to find images of specific locations.  (The city directory has a very American focus, so try searching for Scotland United Kingdom to find local images, or use the clickable map.)

The database contains over one million images taken from space (including 675,262 from the International Space Station).  They are uploading all images so the photos are of varying quality, but you can view their “top picks” on the home page.


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Nick Risinger, an amateur photographer from Seattle, has produced a high resolution image of the night sky by combining 23,000 separate photographs.  The northern hemisphere shots were captured in areas of low light pollution in Arizona, Texas, California, and Colorado, and the southern hemisphere was photographed from South Africa.

The photo is online at http://media.skysurvey.org/interactive360/index.html and you can read more about how it was produced on the Wired website.

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The photographs of Eadweard Muybridge, who took the famous shots showing a horse’s gallop, are now available online.

Muybridge was born in Kingston Upon Thames in 1830.  His ground breaking work in motion capture photography involved banks of up to 24 cameras controlled by an electronic shutter and timer system.  This enabled Muybridge to capture animal movement before the invention of motion pictures.  He also worked as a war and landscape photographer, and took hundreds of photos of cities in the mid to late 1800s.

Thanks to the Glasgow School of Art Library’s blog for highlighting this resource.

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A roundup of recent science and higher education news …

Higher Education

FoI requests

Universities UK are creating a set of guidelines on how to handle Freedom of Information requests, in response to the “Climategate” affair.

Scotland eyes Browne review on student fees

Article from BBC news about the funding options for Scottish universities.  The Scottish Government is planning a green paper on this topic before Christmas.

Sports Studies/Health Sciences

Why exercise won’t make you thin

Article from The Observer newspaper, highlighting recent research into the links between exercise, diet and weight loss.

Biological Sciences/Forensics

Black Death was caused by Bubonic Plague

A group of European researchers have examined DNA from skeletons from the period of the Black Death (1347-1353 CE), and believe they now have evidence that the Black Death caused was bubonic plague (Yersinia pestis).

All Sciences

Nikon Small World Competition

The winners of the 2010 Nikon Small World Competition (for photography through light microscopes) have been announced and can be viewed online.

The closing date for entries into the 2011 competition is 30th April 2011.

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