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mouthIt would appear that there is more than meets the eye in a winning smile. Dentists have found “striking” levels of bad teeth in athletes competing at the London 2012 Olympic Games. A fifth of athletes surveyed said their oral health actually damaged their training and performance. One in three said their oral health affected their quality of life and one in five said it affected training or athletic performance.
The report concluded that the oral health of athletes attending the dental clinic of the London 2012 Games was poor with a resulting substantial negative impact on well-being, training and performance. As oral health is an important element of overall health and well-being, health promotion and disease prevention interventions are urgently required to optimise athletic performance.


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Olympic athletes come in all shapes and sizes, from the lithe limbs of Japan’s Asuka Teramoto to the gargantuan frame of China’s Zhaoxu Zhang. But how do you measure up in comparison? Try out the BBC’s Olympic match app.

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As many of us try to get fitter in this Olympic summer, Panorama investigates the sports products that promise to boost your performance. Are those pricey trainers worth the money? Can sports drinks really help you work out for longer? Are protein shakes any more effective at honing the physique than ordinary food?

With exclusive access to the findings from a unique study by the British Medical Journal and Oxford University, reporter Shelley Jofre tests the science behind the bold advertising claims made by some of sport’s biggest brands.

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Research Councils UK has helped compile a report, “Supporting a UK success story: The impact of university research and sport development“, which aims to highlight just some of the many ways in which research has helped Team GB limber up and prepare for London 2012. The report shows how research taking place at universities across the UK is helping to give athletes that extra split second or millimetre advantage which can mean the difference between gold and silver medals in competitive sports.

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As London gets ready to host the 2012 games, the British Psychological Society’s Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP) has created the Going for Gold portal to show the part psychology plays in making the Olympics and Paralympics the greatest psychological shows on earth.

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Here are some recent publications from the Holyrood and Westminster governments, which may be useful:

Sports Studies

Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Progress report February 2011 [PDF file]

Department for Culture, Media and Sport report, which “examines progress across the Olympic Delivery Authority’s construction programme, progress with how the Government is coordinating the Olympics programme, progress with the legacy from the Games and the cost of the Games.”

Environmental and Waste Management

Demographic Change and the Environment [PDF file]

Useful report from The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, giving independent predictions of the impact of UK population change on the environment.  The Commission believes “[t]here is a relationship between the size of the population and certain basic environmental services, such as water supply and quality, energy use and waste generation”.

International Review of Behaviour Change Initiatives

 “This report, commissioned as part of the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Behaviours Research Programme, reviews a range of behaviour change initiatives that have attempted to reduce the carbon intensity of consumption practices. It aims to enhance understandings of different approaches to behaviour change, and to explore the transferability of initiatives to the Scottish context.”

Scottish Government consultation documents: 

Consultation report on The Environmental Impact Assessment (Scotland) Regulations 2010

Regulations to Deliver Zero Waste: A Consultation on the proposed Zero Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2011

Public Bodies Climate Change Duties: Putting them into Practice: Consultation on Draft Guidance Required by Part 4 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009: Scottish Government Response

 Health Sciences

Health Promotion Guidance: Nutritional Guidance for Children and Young People in Residential Care Settings

Children and Young People’s Views and Experiences of Food and Nutrition in Residential Care

 You can find lots more useful government publications on the UWS Government Publications blog.

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The London 2012 Olympic Legacy Action Plan is about the long-term benefits brought by hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  It is based around 5 pledges:

  1. To make the UK a world-leading sporting nation
  2. To transform the heart of East London
  3. To inspire a generation of young people
  4. To make the Olympic Park a blueprint for sustainable living
  5. To demonstrate the UK is a creative, inclusive and welcoming place to live in, visit and for business.

The Olympic Legacy Action Plan documents are available on The National Archives government web archive.  The National Archives regularly copy and preserve government websites, ensuring that they remain available for researchers in the future.

If you are researching the Olympic Games you might also find useful information on the LA84 Foundation‘s website, which has an online collection of official Olympic Reports and oral histories from Olympians.

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