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Edinburgh International Science Festival logoThe Edinburgh International Science Festival starts this weekend with a programme of family-friendly events and a separate series of events for over 14s.  Talks include “Science and Sea Monsters“, “The Promise of Stem Cell Science“, “Massive: The Hunt for the God Particle” and “The Science of Whisky“.

The festival programme can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.


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Christmas lectures

Baubles with frostThis year’s Royal Institution Christmas lectures will be given by Dr Mark Miodownik.  The overall theme is “Size Matters” and the lecture titles are:

Lecture 1: Why elephants can’t dance.  (To be broadcast on BBC4, 28th December, 8pm).

Lecture 2: Why chocolate melts and jet planes don’t.  (BBC4, 29th December, 8pm).

Lecture 3: Why mountains are so small.  (BBC4, 30th December, 8pm).

(The number of lectures has been reduced from five to three this year, possibly due to the financial situation at the Royal Institution.)

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Professor Jonathan Flint from the Wellcome Trust will be talking about the relationship between genetics and depression at The Victorian Bar in the Tron Theatre on Monday 1st November. 

“How far do our genes play a part in anxiety and depression? And how can we use a better understand of the causes of these conditions to improve better therapies? Neurogenetics  is the study of the genetic basis of psychiatric disorders and as our understand of the make-up and functions of the human genome improve, we can use this understanding to gain insight to the biology behind these stress-related disorders.

Research at the Psychiatric Genetics Group [at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics] has already conducted a large-scale study on neuroticism, a personality trait that is a major genetic mediator of depression, and the group has also initiated a study of major depression in women in China. But the potential is much greater and could help us understand more about the genetic basis of other psychiatric conditions and even learning disabilities.”

This event is organised by Café Scientific who meet in Glasgow on the first Monday of each month – on Monday 5th December Dr Martin Hendry, a cosmologist from the University of Glasgow, will discuss “Why are we here?”.

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