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leather_footballThe November issue of Journal of Sports Sciences is a special issue devoted to the topic of identifying and developing elite soccer players. The emphasis is very much on the science underpinning talent identification and development in soccer. Several sports science discipline areas are represented with specific papers focusing on anthropology, pedagogy, physiology, psychology, sociology and coaching science. There is an in-depth look at the multidimensional nature of talent development.
This journal can be accessed in the following ways:
Hamilton Campus Library holds hard copies of Journal of Sports Sciences from 2004 to the present.
SPORTDiscus has full-text on-line coverage from 1996 – 2011.
Taylor and Francis has full-text on-line coverage from 1996 to the present.


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A study published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that prospective doctors studying at UK medical schools, are not receiving adequate instruction on the promotion of physical activity.
James Morgan interviews one of the authors of the study for Science Omega. To see the full-text of the study simply go to the library’s SFX system and put British Journal of Sports Medicine in to the search box. Choose the database that covers the most recent edition of the journal.

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Researchers feel that inactivity among adults was now so bad it should be treated as a pandemic.
A report published in today’s Lancet, “Global physical activity levels: surveillance progress, pitfalls”, estimates that about a third of adults are not doing enough physical activity, causing 5.3m deaths a year.
The full article can be read via our SFX system, or by going to Science Direct (by way of our A-Z of Databases) and searching under the Lancet or by the report title.

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A study by researchers from Newcastle University and the University of Strathclyde indicates that more needs to be done to encourage young children to be active. The research paper, published in the open access journal PLoS ONE this week, highlights a number of factors which influence the amount and intensity of physical activity children partake in, from the age of their father to participation in after-school clubs.
There is an interview with Dr Mark Pearce, who led the study, in the latest edition of Science Omega. Dr Pearce discusses what the findings of the research suggest about why children are so inactive, and how this may be remedied for the good of their health.
Open Access journals are available through the library’s SFX system.
To view the research report above simply put PLoS One into the SFX Search Box and click on Go. This takes you through to the Home Page of PLoS (Public Library of Science), and simply scroll down to the required article.

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Living Books About Life is a new series of open access online books covering science material from a humanities perspective.  Titles include:

Living Books About Life is a collaboration between Open Humanities Press and Coventry University; Goldsmiths, University of London; and the University of Kent.  These books are funded by JISC.  They state “[a]ll the books in the series are themselves ‘living’, in the sense that they are open to ongoing collaborative processes of writing, editing, updating, remixing and commenting by readers”.  It is also possible to download a static version of each book.

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Google Scholar is Google’s search engine for journal articles and books.  If you are on campus  “available online from UWS” links will appear automatically in your search results; if you are off campus you will need to make a small change to Google’s settings to get these links.

Getting full text at home
You can get UWS full text links off campus by going to http://scholar.google.com/ scholar_setprefs?instq=university+west+scotland , ticking the options for University of the West of Scotland in the “Library Links” section, and then choosing to “Save Preferences”.

This will add the “available online from UWS” links to Google Scholar, but you will still need to log in with Athens to read many of these articles.

This feature changed recently – if you had set this up in the past and your UWS links have disappeared, please follow the above instructions to restore the links.

More help on using Google Scholar, including configuring Google Scholar to work with EndNote, is available on the library website.


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STORRE is Stirling University’s on-line research repository. It holds a small, but growing, collection of the research output of University of Stirling authors. It includes published journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, working papers, etc. As a result of the University’s policies encouraging open access to their research output the repository will continue to develop as an important source of free full text access to Stirling’s research.

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