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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Environmental and Waste Management

Zero Waste (Scotland) Regulations Draft Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

Energy efficiency and microgeneration in the built environment, SKILLS research for Scotland

Conserve and Save: The Energy Efficiency Plan for Scotland: Annual Report 2010-11

Flood Risk Management in England [PDF file] 


Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 2 Number 12: Determination and Environmental Assessment of Hydrocarbons in Water, Fish and Sediment Following an Oil Spill at the Gannet Oil Field

Statistical Publication: Agriculture Series: First Estimate of the Cereal and Oilseed Rape Harvest 2011 (more…)

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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Review of the Climate Challenge Fund – Research Findings

“The Review of the Climate Challenge Fund has investigated in depth the impacts of 21 community projects across Scotland looking to reduce carbon emissions and explored how they have been successful. This short summary gives key findings drawn from the main report.”

Preparations for the roll-out of smart meters [PDF file]

Reports on progress made towards the installation of “smart” electricity and gas meters, which should be installed in all homes in Great Britain by 2019.

“Smart meters, together with real time in-home displays, can provide consumers with detailed information on their energy use and access to a wide range of off-peak tariffs. Smart meters also allow suppliers to collect meter readings electronically, provide more accurate bills and cut costs.” (more…)

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Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) Briefings are impartial research briefings written by research specialists based at the Scottish Parliament.  If you are researching a topic where there has been recent legislation or discussion in Parliament you might find that SPICe has prepared a research briefing.  These are excellent clear documents covering both the legal issues surrounding the topic and background information from a Scottish viewpoint.

SPICe briefings from the current session of the Scottish Parliament have included:

Invasive Non-Native Species (June 2010)

Hill Farming (May 2010)

Flooding : Frequently Asked Questions (April 2010)

Barriers to Widening Access to Higher Education (February 2010)

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