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This BBC news article discusses the radioactive contamination found in Bluefin tuna fish,which is attributed to the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. Scientists have carried out research on fish found in the waters off San Diego, and say the evidence reminds us of how eco-regions are interconnected, despite being thousands of miles apart.


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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Scottish Health Survey 2010 – Volume 1: Main report

Health and Wellbeing in Schools Project – Final Report

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2011

Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2009

Developing High Nature Value Farming and Forestry Indicators for the Scotland Rural Development Programme

Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2010

Sea Trout Fishery Statistics – 2010 Season

Salmon Fishery Statistics – 2010 Season

Putting Learners at the Centre – Delivering our Ambitions for Post-16 Education

Scottish Government Consultations

Consultation regarding African Horse Sickness (Scotland) Order 2012

You can find lots more useful government publications on the UWS Government Publications blog.

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The Westminster and Holyrood Governments have recently published a number of reports that may contain useful information for scientists. These include:  

Biological Sciences/Environmental Sciences  

Pesticide Poisoning of Animals in 2009 – A Report of Investigations in Scotland  

Report about the work of The Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme, which investigates “suspected poisoning of wildlife, beneficial insects, companion animals and livestock if there is evidence to indicate that pesticides or biocides may be involved”.  

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2010  

Wide variety of statistics about the environment in Scotland.  Includes energy generation by source (2000-2008), annual mean temperature (1910-2009), waste recycling (2000-2009), status of wild bird populations (1975-2009), etc.  An excellent resource for environmental research.  

Rural Scotland Key Facts 2010  

“Statstics on key policy topics such as People and Communities, Services and Lifestyle, Economy and Enterprise broken down by Remote Rural, Accessible Rural and Rest of Scotland.”  


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