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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Scottish Health Survey 2010 – Volume 1: Main report

Health and Wellbeing in Schools Project – Final Report

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2011

Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2009

Developing High Nature Value Farming and Forestry Indicators for the Scotland Rural Development Programme

Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2010

Sea Trout Fishery Statistics – 2010 Season

Salmon Fishery Statistics – 2010 Season

Putting Learners at the Centre – Delivering our Ambitions for Post-16 Education

Scottish Government Consultations

Consultation regarding African Horse Sickness (Scotland) Order 2012

You can find lots more useful government publications on the UWS Government Publications blog.

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Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) Briefings are impartial research briefings written by research specialists based at the Scottish Parliament.  If you are researching a topic where there has been recent legislation or discussion in Parliament you might find that SPICe has prepared a research briefing.  These are excellent clear documents covering both the legal issues surrounding the topic and background information from a Scottish viewpoint.

SPICe briefings from the current session of the Scottish Parliament have included:

Invasive Non-Native Species (June 2010)

Hill Farming (May 2010)

Flooding : Frequently Asked Questions (April 2010)

Barriers to Widening Access to Higher Education (February 2010)

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The Westminster and Holyrood Governments have recently published a number of reports that may contain useful information for scientists. These include:


Biological Sciences/Environmental Sciences

The Economic Impact of Wildlife Tourism in Scotland

Research providing a current assessment of the economic impact of wildlife tourism in Scotland and an insight into the key trends affecting Scotland’s wildlife tourism industry.

Agriculture Facts and Figures 2010

Overview of the key Scottish Agriculture statistics along with selected UK and EU comparisons.


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