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Photo of laptop and cup of coffeeIf you are struggling to get started writing your assignments and find there is always something else more interesting to do, why not get together with your mates and form a “shut up and write” group.  The rules are:

  • You meet up, bringing your laptops and notes
  • You get a coffee and catch up until the time you have agreed to start
  • Then everyone sits down and writes solidly for 25 minutes (use a timer) without any breaks or chatting
  • After 25 minutes, everyone stops for a short break (e.g. ten minutes), gets another coffee if necessary, and has a chat
  • Then everyone writes again for another 25 minutes
  • And so on …

You could do this at somebody’s flat, the Union, or the Learning Cafe at Paisley Campus.

Concentrating on one thing for 25 minutes is called the Pomodoro technique, and is a well known time management method.  If you’d like some help with time management and getting your coursework completed there are lots of books available in the Library, or you could ask one of the Effective Learning tutors for advice.

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The Effective Learning tutors are running informal drop-in sessions in the Paisley Campus Library Learning Cafe throughout March.  They can answer your questions and give advice on a wide range of academic skills including academic writing; referencing and avoiding plagiarism; critical analysis; studying and exam techniques; presentation skills; and Personal Development Planning (PDP).  

Dates and times can be found on the Effective Learning website.

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A recent study has suggested that writing an essay on a topic is an effective method of learning, even if you are studying for an exam.  The study compared writing a 10 minute free-form essay, creating a conceptual map, and repeatedly re-reading information.  Participants were tested a week later, where it was found that those who had written essays were more able to recall information.  There’s a summary of this research on the Wired blog, and the original research was published in the 21 Jan issue of Science.

Staff from Effective Learning are available to work with UWS students on improving their academic skills, and can offer advice on many different techniques that will help with both studying and assignments.

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Pages from an open bookResearch guides are available for:

There’s also an online guide about preparing a literature review.

These guides will help you get started with research for essays and other assignments.  The Subject Librarians are always happy to help UWS students with their research enquiries – contact Tommy McGreevy if you are based at Hamilton campus, or Kirsty Thomson at Paisley campus.

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