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Photo of laptopResearchBlogging.org gathers academic blog posts that discuss peer-reviewed research.  It does not simply reproduce press releases from researchers – instead, all posts must be reflective evaluations of published journal articles.  There are a large number of posts on ResearchBlogging.org and the best posts each week are highlighted in the editors’ selections.

Recent ResearchBlogging.org posts have covered:

This is a useful site for finding examples of critical reading and discussion of academic journal articles.


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Photo of laptop and cup of coffeeThe Science Blogging website is a great resource for keeping up-to-date.  It pulls together feeds from many leading science blogs, including Scientific American, the Nature Network, Occam’s Typewriter, etc., and makes it easy to read the headlines from all these blogs on one page.

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Scientists at Work is a series of blogs on The New York Times website where scientists write about their field trips.  Rather than reporting on research findings, these posts are about doing jobs such as counting bowhead whales from the Alaskan ice edge, studying the nitrogen cycle from a boat in the South Pacific, or looking for jade in Guatemala  to investigate plate tectonics.

The posts give a rare insight into the day-to-day life of being a field worker.  Comment below to share the most interesting/unusual/challenging bit of field work you have carried out.

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