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People & Planet’s Green League is the only comprehensive and independent league table of UK universities ranked by environmental and ethical performance. It is compiled annually by the UK’s largest student campaigning network, People & Planet.

Universities have been awarded degree-style classifications based on their environmental management and performance. You can click the name of a university to see a full break-down of its scores. The University of the West of Scotland made it in at number 74 in the table.

Full People & Planet Green League 2012 Tables

Link to University of the West of Scotland’s scorecard


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Interesting research into monitoring water pollution using robotic fish, from the BBC website.

“The cost of water pollution in the UK runs into millions of pounds each year, and it can cause untold damage to the environment.

But now scientists have come up with an unusual solution to the problem and it comes in the shape of a robotic fish.

Dr Luke Speller from the Shoal Consortium explains how it works.”

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The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth is a NASA website that you can search to find images of specific locations.  (The city directory has a very American focus, so try searching for Scotland United Kingdom to find local images, or use the clickable map.)

The database contains over one million images taken from space (including 675,262 from the International Space Station).  They are uploading all images so the photos are of varying quality, but you can view their “top picks” on the home page.

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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Environmental and Waste Management

Zero Waste (Scotland) Regulations Draft Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

Energy efficiency and microgeneration in the built environment, SKILLS research for Scotland

Conserve and Save: The Energy Efficiency Plan for Scotland: Annual Report 2010-11

Flood Risk Management in England [PDF file] 


Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 2 Number 12: Determination and Environmental Assessment of Hydrocarbons in Water, Fish and Sediment Following an Oil Spill at the Gannet Oil Field

Statistical Publication: Agriculture Series: First Estimate of the Cereal and Oilseed Rape Harvest 2011 (more…)

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Scotland’s Greenspace Map shows the location, type and size of green spaces across Scotland’s urban settlements (i.e. towns with a  population greater than 3,000).  The types of green space in the study includes parks, allotments, and private gardens.  The map, produced by Greenspace Scotland, is the first time any country’s green spaces have been recorded in this way.

is a world first; no other country has mapped its greenspace in this way. It is an innovative Geographical Information System (GIS) based map which provides comprehensive information on the location, extent and type of greenspace across all of Scotland’s urban settlements (i.e. towns and cities with a population of 3,000 or more).

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The OECD Better Life Index includes useful information about the environmental performance of OECD members.  It also gives links to the detailed OECD Environmental Performance Reviews (in the “more resources” section for each country).  Some of these performance reviews are a few years old, but they contain useful information about transport policies relating to air quality; water pollution and water pricing; biodiversity management and the relationship between the environment and public health.

OECD member countries include Australia, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Israel, and the UK.

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These publications from the Westminster and Holyrood governments may be of interest to scientists:

Planning our electric future: a White Paper for secure, affordable and low-carbon electricity [PDF file]

“This White Paper sets out the Government’s commitment to transform the UK’s electricity system to ensure that our future electricity supply is secure, low-carbon and affordable.”

Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals [PDF file]

An Evaluation of Football Banning Orders in Scotland and An Evaluation of Football Banning Orders in Scotland – Research Findings

Evaluation of the use of football banning order legislation in Scotland.

Recommendations from the Joint Action Group set up following the Football Summit on March 8, 2011

Scottish Government Consultations


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